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A new website dedicated to fighting the closure of Experimental Lakes Area – an internationally renowned facility. Please check it out, see what they have to say, and help take action. ELA has an astounding 50+ year history as an incredible site for ecosystem and large-scale aquatic research, and should not be closed on a whim.


Aerial Image of some of the ELA lakes

Aerial Image of some of the ELA lakes


3 thoughts on “SaveELA.org

  1. How much should we charge him, hmmm?
    I’d rather commit him for those crimes, but it ain’t likely to happen in my lifetime, otherwise George W. Bush would be behind bars already.
    My apologies, David, for seeming to make your concerns seem ‘trite’.
    Not at all my intent.
    Reality dictates that what must be done is something that no one wants to do – step up and forcibly remove these (…….. fill in the blanks.)
    I wholly support the demonstrations going on in Montreal, since they have become elevated to more than merely tuition fee disagreements.
    Too much power is being given to those who are meant to “serve and protect”… my only question there is whom are they serving and protecting?

    Life hangs in the balance here.
    Human lives, and those of the innocent unborn for many future generations.
    If I had another question it might be: Do we now, at this time, truly care for our own future?

    I am old, by any standards set in ages past.
    For that, I am grateful to the wonders of modern medical science.
    We should all be.
    That does not mean that I am content.

    I would gladly give my life for another that had a better answer.
    I would never give my life for another excuse to go to war.
    ….and yet, in the minds of those in power, anarchy can be seen as nothing less.

    Let’s stick together, and try to win this war without any blood being shed.
    Make it so.

  2. Democracy by its very nature needs information. Factual not ideological. Without the kind of data ELA and other scientists produce we have no hope of getting the kind of information we need to solve the planet’s pressing problems and to save our ecosystem for future generations. Keeping needed information from the public means we move to a dictatorship where logic is replaced by emotion, and untruths. This allows those in power to play the old shell game with Canadian taxpayers. We need to return to a country where logic, humanity and reason prevail over ideology and ignorance
    Brent Tremblay

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