About me:

Hi – I’m Naomi. A Canadian, traveler, science enthusiast, writer, baker, chef, gardener, domestic monarch, active citizen, secret ninja. I love literature and the planet. I refuse to wear matching socks and I’m addicted to tomatoes.

About this blog:

These articles are out there to get people interested in science and our universe. Much science is inaccessible to the layman, due to lengthy, statistic-driven, and method-heavy literature. Most research is only written for other scientists – but what about the rest of us? We deserve to know what’s up. Unfortunately, the mire of technical lexicons is too swampy for most of us to wade through, and so here I attempt to make science accessible, and show why it is actually both exciting and relevant to each and every one of us. So join me, as we wander through the exploration of this, our universe.10631_529019937786_7008593_n


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