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A Petition for the Field Museum of National History in Chicago

A Petition for the Field Museum of National History in Chicago

The Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH) in Chicago is a world-class institute that I have had the personal pleasure of enjoying numerous times over the past few years (I am lucky enough to have a partner doing his Ph.D. research in collaboration with the museum). They are facing cuts to their collections and scientific research staff, which has already been pared down greatly. This will undoubtedly affect the quality of outreach, education, and research. Additionally, it will limit the vast potential of the researchers to continue to analyze and study the fantastic collections housed in the museum.

For those of you not familiar with a museum, close to 90% of the actual objects in the museum are NOT displayed. That means behind the beautifully designed, educational exhibits that the public sees when they go in, are millions of fossils, specimens, and artifacts that scientists and research staff study. This knowledge (both realized and potential) is of incalculable wealth, as scientists toil daily behind the scenes – analyzing the bits and pieces of nature that make up the very world we live in. Additionally, visiting scientists come from all the over world visit to study collections, especially at a world class institute like the FMNH.


Please take a moment to look at this petition, and let the current president know whether or not you value the building bricks of science and our natural world. And if you are ever in Chicago, you must stop in – you can see the world’s most complete T-Rex skeleton, watch scientists analyze DNA in their labs in front of your very eyes, wander in the hall of gems, lose yourself in an Egyptian tomb, and so much more!*

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