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Famous Vegetarians (Prelude to ‘Part 3 – Fruits & Veggies’)

In lieu of a story, I have made a graphic design that lists famous vegetarians – historical and current, actresses and musicians, philosophers, spiritual leaders, athletes, models, authors, artists. All people who can be admired for their deep thoughts and achievements. All individuals who throughout the course of thousands of years, have all decided that meat wasn’t a necessity.

I don’t think a strictly vegetarian diet is something most people in North America can transition to easily, nor am I against animal consumption in minimal, necessary amounts. I do know that far too many people consume more meat than is beneficial for their or our planets health, they are consuming animals raised and killed in absolutely disgusting and unsanitary conditions, and that our over-consumption of meat is causing the starvation of billions of people (1 lb of meat raised = 15 lbs of grains raised).

What I would like to see, is a gradual conversion to a low-meat diet for everyone, and vegetarian if you can make it there. Cutting out red meats, consuming sustainably harvested fishes and free-range, grain fed chickens free of hormones. At this point in our global environmental destruction, this is no longer a choice – it is mandatory if we don’t want our biosphere to collapse and kill ourselves right off the planet. And with more options than ever showing up in our grocery stores, it’s becoming easy for everyone to access a fully nutritious meat-less diet no matter where you live.

So – consider becoming a vegetarian. For one meal a day. Or one day a week. Or one week a month. Or one month a year. Or a year. Or a lifetime. It’s healthy, sustainable, and forces you to focus more carefully on what you ingest. For every meal that you don’t eat meat, it is the equivalent of a starving African child having enough food to eat for 4 days. What if that was your child?

Next post, I will get into the awesomeness of fruits and vegetables, and the downfalls of corporate control, GMO’s, and pesticides on those lovely bearers of deliciousness. Enjoy my handiwork 🙂

Famous Vegetarians<Click on the image to see the enlarged version>


9 thoughts on “Famous Vegetarians (Prelude to ‘Part 3 – Fruits & Veggies’)

  1. A pragmatic and relateable approach to the topic. For those who might be inclined to try to be part-timers, what is your opinion on the relevance of eating vegan vs vegetarian.

    • I think vegan is great for the people that want to. Vegan tends to be more of an ethical issue than environmental – that people do not want to use animals for their personal benefit, and believe consumption of any animal product is harmful to them. This isn’t my way of thinking (mainly because cheese is my life), but I support those into it. I haven’t seen many cows that get mad about being milked (by hand).

  2. One question often asked by those considering a vegetarian diet is; “Will I get enough protein? This is certainly a valid question, as protein is necessary for the building, maintenance and function of all body cells. In fact, a varied and well-balanced vegetarian diet actually provides all the protein the body needs, obtained by eating such things as whole grains, beans, nuts and soy products.,

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