Welcome to our Beautiful World


Welcome to all things science, translated into a language the rest of us can understand and enjoy. From physics to biology, climate change to viruses, all the latest research is written in a strict format of generally undecipherable enigmatic lexicons that are pretty much unreadable to anyone outside the specific science – meaning they tend to use too many big words no one else can understand.

This unfortunately makes a lot of fascinating knowledge inaccessible to the everyday person, as we are effectively blocked from this knowledge because of rigid formatting and language that you sometimes can’t even look up in a dictionary. In today’s rapidly changing planet and rapidly conglomerating societies, an understanding of the way things work is paramount to maintaining a finer balance and harmonious living between us and on this beautiful sphere.

Every week I will bring you some of the latest research presented by our world’s top scientists – fascinating new revelations that you might never hear about otherwise, because I’m guessing that you, like me, take one look at most science journals and immediately feel your eyes crossing.

Scientists aren’t to be blamed, as they have degrees and backgrounds in numbers, statistics, hypotheses, laws and theories – not words and language. This gap between scientists and the public is one that should be solved, one brilliant discovery at a time – the cloak of confusion must be removed.

If you want to contribute anything, have any ideas, or have heard about cool research (even your own!), send over a message, and it will be put in.




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